Thursday, April 23, 2009

Video: Givenchy Fall Winter 2009/1010

So ever since I first saw the Givenchy collection for F/W 09 back in March when it was shown I've been dying to see the video. A big reason for that is because Riccardo Tisci tends to put a lot of detail in the backs of his garments, and unfortunately the "one-way runway", as I always call it, doesn't allow for many photos of the back view. Speaking of back views, in my review of the show I mentioned how I was dying to see the back of the white draped halter neck gown with feathered shoulders, and it totally didn't disappoint. I mean, I had a feeling that it would be backless, but still.....

I've got to say, in the month or so since this was shown and now having seen it in motion, I really do think this is my favorite Givenchy Ready to Wear collection that Tisci has ever done. It's well made, it's glamorous, it's a little hard edged and a little romantic too. But best of all, it's crammed full of gorgeous, wearable clothes, and that's not something that can be said about a whole lot of collections.

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