Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Video: Prada Spring Summer 2009...

So after seeing the collection in motion I've got to say, I still love it. Maybe even a little bit more now that I've seen the looks from different angles. The one concern I had about this collection was the fabrics. In photos the fabrics looked very crisp, the type of fabrics that are great for creating volume or tailoring but don't move very nicely. For the most part though the fabrics don't look overly crunchy (with the exception of the brief white section towards the end. You might as well just wear paper). I'm looking forward to seeing it in the stores come winter and feeling the fabrics for myself. I was surprised by the shoes though. For all that we heard about how problematic they were (fair enough, they took down 2 separate models and made some others noticably nervous), there were a fair amount of girls who managed to work them pretty well.

As for the show itself, the music is fantastic, it definitely created a mood. It has a real slinky, sexy, sweaty Southern blues joint feel to it. Cathy Horyn was dead on when she pinpointed a Blanch DuBois vibe in the show. My only complaint is the staging. I don't mind the stripped back concrete and wood set at all, but the overly complex movement of the runway is a bit grating to watch.

thanks to JadoreHauteCouture for the video


ryder said...

yes, that was interesting new girls dint manage to walk in them and "older" ones did(well except stam).what does that tell us: practice makes perfect.

giuseppe said...

notice the black trim/ribbons here more effectively.. prada always seems to have a great basic theme that always seems to get pushed into the future trends. i notice her bustle/pannier type thing that was in the fall 08 collections still here,, that is interesting..

great new blog spike!