Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anonymously Yours, Part II...

Still at it, this vitriolic little cunt, who has yet to actually prove that they're not an amateur. Seems to me like someone with such a high opinion of themselves, not to mention absolute certainty in their level of expertise, chooses to post anonymously. I can only repeat what I said the last time, put up or shut up, you nasty, nasty excuse for a human being.

"You're an amateur .... bottomline.

It's cute that amateurs act as if they are all professional, but you are not.

Don't throw a strop when someone educated points the one or other thing out.

Boo Hoo"

"And you really are a bit clueless regarding fabrics and slashes . . . .

Slashing fabric = negative is not what was said.


I can only assume that they're a gay guy because, as terrible as it sounds coming from a gay man, only spiteful queen (one with the wrong kind of stick permanently embedded up their ass) would bother being such a bitch. Women are generally more tactful, and straight guys wouldn't care enough to spend the time seeking someone else out just to post negative shit on a blog.

Oh and btdubs, bottom line is two separate words. I guess all of that expert knowledge you possess doesn't extend to basic English. Learn to spell, then insult my intelligence.


Anonymously yours,


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Kowie said...

Hi spike!

I just want to say I miss your fashion musing. I have recommended your blog to many of my friends because I like the way you present your point of view, although I don't really agree all the time.

So, in a way I'm requesting more posts :)