Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anonymously Yours, Part II...

Still at it, this vitriolic little cunt, who has yet to actually prove that they're not an amateur. Seems to me like someone with such a high opinion of themselves, not to mention absolute certainty in their level of expertise, chooses to post anonymously. I can only repeat what I said the last time, put up or shut up, you nasty, nasty excuse for a human being.

"You're an amateur .... bottomline.

It's cute that amateurs act as if they are all professional, but you are not.

Don't throw a strop when someone educated points the one or other thing out.

Boo Hoo"

"And you really are a bit clueless regarding fabrics and slashes . . . .

Slashing fabric = negative is not what was said.


I can only assume that they're a gay guy because, as terrible as it sounds coming from a gay man, only spiteful queen (one with the wrong kind of stick permanently embedded up their ass) would bother being such a bitch. Women are generally more tactful, and straight guys wouldn't care enough to spend the time seeking someone else out just to post negative shit on a blog.

Oh and btdubs, bottom line is two separate words. I guess all of that expert knowledge you possess doesn't extend to basic English. Learn to spell, then insult my intelligence.


Anonymously yours,


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anonymously Yours...

So, as anyone can plainly see, this blogs been inactive for quite some time. The why's aren't so important, just a matter of life changing and my habits/priorities changing with it. But I've left it up because a) I don't want to call it quits and then regret that and b) I'm proud of my work and I've appreciated the feedback over the years.

But that's not the point of this post. This post is to call out the occasional, yet extremely grating behavior from an "anonymous" poster. In the last year, maybe a little longer, this person has chosen to comment on my various posts to berate my opinions which, I might add, have never actually been published on this blog. No, the opinions this apparent know-it-all decides to share are in response to posts I make and have made on the Fashion Spot's well known forums, where I've been a member for some time. Now, besides the fact that it's extremely annoying to have a response on a post here that has absolutely nothing to do with said post, the fact that this person has the fucking gaul to shit all over my fairly well-fucking-informed (the result of studying fashion over the course of a decade) opinions doesn't even have the balls to post it with any kind of identity attached to it is completely fucking infuriating.

Besides making that person an utter, utter pussy, the fact that they clearly spend enough time reading the Fashion Spot, and my posts on there it would seem, that they feel the need to shit all over what I've said regardless of the fact that I've no idea who they are and they don't know me is, above all else, creepy as all hell. Seriously, that kind of behavior is obsessive at best and stalkerish at worst, not to mention completely fucking pathetic.

They decided to share their thoughts yet again on a post I made yesterday, thought when I say share their thoughts it's said more in sarcasm than anything else since this person has never once elaborated on why they know better than me or displayed their knowledge of fashion. They just opt to tell me that I'm basically a moron from behind an anonymous identity. How bold of them, not to mention original.

Here's the most recent gem:

"What's this opinion going around regarding slashed fabric being this tragic, destructive thing? That's such a weird, twisted kind of view. I mean, for starters, there's one whole piece in this entire collection that can even qualify as being "slashed" (that long black and white dress with the open thighs). The rest isn't sliced or slashed at all, it's cut in a way that's sharp and angular and stiffened to stand away from a body..." (my post)

"Dude... Take a pattern/cutting and fabric course, to get a fundamental feeling of fabric and fashion... Then maybe you'll understand the context" (and their reply)

More than anything else this loser's decision to piss on my opinion has highlighted why this kind of anonymous, online troll culture that has spawned itself over the last, say, half-decade is so absolutely stupid. When you don't know a goddamn thing about the person, you eventually try insulting them with something that's simply incorrect. Case in point: the dig about my taking a pattern/cutting and textile course. Why that attempted insult doesn't work? Because I fucking have. As any fashion design student or graduate can tell you, pattern making, draping and textiles are all required course work for anyone studying fashion design, and in fact are the very pillars of the work that goes into a degree. I spent a good, long time learning how to design and build a garment from scratch, I learned all of the basic knowledge necessary to understand fabric, and when I was expressing my belief the the (frankly overly-dramatized) opinions being expressed within that thread on the Fashion Spot I was doing so in a way that utilized what knowledge I have. Besides, what this dickhead tried to insinuate, that I don't know what I'm talking about in regards to construction or textiles, doesn't even apply to the point I was making, which is that fabric is not sacred, and that ventilating a garment with open slashes or cutting something with a raw, brutal hand doesn't desecrate the material. It's an artistic choice made to create a feeling within the clothes. Stupider than that though is the fact that the collection being discussed by myself and other posters, Mugler F/W 2012, was actually fairly respectful of traditional constructions and was a huge step up in terms of craftsmanship from where the first two Mugler collections were.

So all I can say is, anonymous, fucking grow a pair and at least have the nerve to post with some kind of identity. Either that, or stop trolling the fucking Fashion Spot, copying my words from a post, and then coming here to criticize me. Either you have access to the forums, which means that if you're even half as bold as you seem to think you are you'd respond to me using your account, or, if you don't have a membership, it means that you've clearly not been deemed a desirable candidate for one....not that that would be a shock, if this is any indication of your behavior in an online forum of any kind. If you're not ballsy enough to post it as either yourself or your online alias, then you don't get to have a fucking opinion as far as I'm concerned.

Bottom line? Put up or shut up, you vitriolic little bitch.